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The Extended Payment Plan

This plan allows you to pay any balance due over a period of up to 12 months. (For balances under $100, payments will be scheduled over six months.) The Extended Payment Plan is interest-free and accrues no service charges, so the entire payment made by you is applied directly to the outstanding balance.


The Financial Assistance Plan

This plan allows you to reduce the price of tests if you meet specified income guidelines. Price adjustments under the Financial Assistance Plan are made on a case-by-case basis. To qualify, you must complete a Financial Assistance Application.

Or you can call us at 903·707·2197 and we'll drop a form in the mail.

Avaliable Documents
Billing Policy
Medical Financial Hardship
Income Eligibility Chart

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If your doctor has ordered this laboratory testing, Advanta is committed to making it affordable for you. It is important that you communicate with us, rather than your doctor's office, to address any billing concerns quickly and efficiently. If we do not know there is an issue, we can't help.

Advanta Customer Service
Phone: 903·707·2197
Fax: 903·839·2494

Income Eligibility Chart
Family Size Up to 100% Up to 400% Up to 600%
1 $11,770 $47,080 $70,620
2 $15,930 $63,720 $95,580
3 $20,090 $80,360 $120,540
4 $24,250 $97,000 $145,500
5 $28,410 $113,640 $170,460
6 $32,570 $130,280 $195,420
7 $36,730 $146,920 $220,380
8 $40,890 $163,560 $245,340
Each Additional Member +$4,160 +$16,640
Maximum financial responsibility Patient responsibility up to $50 Patient responsibility up to $200 Patient responsibility up to $300

Financial Assistance Support

All States, All Plans, All Patients and Practices, All Steps of the Process
Advanta's new tiered financial assistance program is based on income levels, with approved financial assistance for families up to 600% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL). The Advanta Assistance Program provides patients tailored financial solutions based on federally published income guidelines to any insured or uninsured patient who qualifies finanically and has a balance that exceeds $50:

  • Patients who have incomes of 100% or less of the HHS income guidelines will pay no more than $50
  • Patients who have incomes greated than 100% but less than or equal to 400% of income guidelines will be responsible for 20% of responsibility, not to exceed $200
  • Patients who have incomes greated than 400% but less than or equal to 600% of income guidelines will pay no more than $300

Advanta handles all billing of insurance and will file appeals, as needed, on behalf of the patient. Advanta tailors financial assistance solutions for patients in all 50 U.S. states, regardless of insurer, based on current published Federal Household Income guidelines.


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