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Precision-based Metagenomic Assay for Complicated Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Timely and accurate identification of uropathogens is critical to manage UTIs and limit antimicrobial resistance development and spread. However, the traditional urine culture method is often inadequate for clinical diagnosis in over 20% of women with UTI symptoms.

In a recent study of 47 samples, Advanta scientists compared metagenomics next generation sequencing (mNGS) testing with standard urine culture testing. The results showed ~50 additional uropathogens detected by mNGS compared to traditional urine culture. Accordingly, mNGS offers a more comprehensive approach to identifying bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic pathogens that cause UTIs.

  • Timely and accurate diagnosis = effective treatment and patient outcomes
  • Advanta Genetics offers UTI mNGS testing that can detect and quantify 135 bacteria, 35 viruses, 14 fungi, and 7 parasites.
  • Accurate identification of clinically relevant uropathogens in 2 days.