The Student Engagement Effect of Team-Based Learning on Student Pharmacists

Carpenter R. E., Silberman, D., Takemoto, J. K.
Publication date
American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education
American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education
Objective: To expand our understanding of student engagement by qualitatively examining how student pharmacists experienced the psychological state of engagement when applying team-based learning (TBL) pedagogy.
Methods: A qualitative case study was conducted. Data were obtained through semi-structured interviews with a purposeful and convenience sample of student pharmacists (n=14). Our initial data analysis identified common themes for student engagement in TBL. We then characterized each common theme by deductively coding the themes into predetermined focal concepts of engagement based upon Kearsley and Shneiderman's 1 previous characterization of student engagement as either relate, create, or donate components.
Results: Seven common themes arose from this research: accountability, communication, conflict, learning, preparation, purpose, and teamwork. Results indicated that student pharmacists engaged in TBL pedagogy mostly experience the psychological state of student engagement through a relate (41%) component by drawing on team support and trust, followed by the donate (32%) and create (27%) components.
Conclusion: Findings in this study are consistent with other research on TBL pedagogy which concluded that, at least in part, this type of learning was a conduit for building student pharmacists' engagement skills. The novelty of this research is that it deductively characterized how student pharmacists perceive, comprehend, and interpret the psychological state of engagement in TBL. Specifically, our findings concluded student pharmacists mostly identify with a relate component of engagement by drawing on team support and trust developed from TBL tenets that encourage communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork.
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The student engagement effect of team-based learning on student pharmacists RE Carpenter, D Silberman, JK Takemoto - American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 2022